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7 Cream Testimonials


7 Cream Testimonials … just a few from hundreds we’ve received 


      • One of my patients who is a professional cook finds the cream takes away the pain of burns in minutes.


      • I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that 7 Cream can soften my daughter’s skin and reduce or even control a mild skin inflammation…….Thank you for inventing 7 Cream.


      • The cream has helped stave off infections due to damaged skin from scratching and has helped cracked skin to heal without scarring. I have recommended the cream to patients as young as 3 with fantastic results and feedback.


      • I am receiving incredibly positive feedback from my patients! I’m thrilled!!


      • My 5 year old son has very dry skin on his back and neck…the cream has helped to clear-up the rough patches without irritation and when his cheeks get occasionally dry I apply it to his face which clears up with one application (other moisturizers have left him with bumps on his cheeks).


      • I recently purchased a tube of the 7 Cream through Aviva Natural Health Solutions and have been using it for almost 3 weeks and am absolutely amazed and happy at what it has done for my skin. I use it on my face as an everyday moisturizer and the results are fantastic…


      • I purchased your 7 cream about a week ago, I thought it was a face cream and used it as such. When I looked it up on your site, I realized I had bought a therapeutic formulation. I tried it on my 9 year old son’s hands, which were badly excoriated and reddened due to antibacterial soaps used at his school and further friction from his hockey gloves. I have used 7 cream all of March break and his hands have healed beautifully!!!Thank you so much for such a remarkable product!
      • poison ivy…..the 7 Cream took the itching form a 10 to a 1, it was really remarkable….. mosquito bites, it takes the itch right out of them within a couple of minutes.